• This award is restricted to organized conferences such as society and association meetings. A website for the meeting and evidence of the acceptance of a presentation must be included for the proposal to be considered for funding. Invited lectures and small-scale workshops and conferences do not meet the criterion for funding. For those events, faculty members are encouraged to use their discretionary funds.

  • Please note that all documents must be presented in English.  If the communication is in any other language, please include the original communication and the translated version. 

  • Please present a detailed budget (e.g., quotes for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, registration)

  • The Institute will cover 100% of the round-trip international airfare up to $750, plus 50% of the remainder (cap at $1,250).
  • The Institute will grant a maximum of $1,000 to cover other expenses (lodging, ground transportation, meals).
  •  For hotel as well as meals and incidentals, please use 50% of the State Department rates - http://aoprals.state.gov/web920/per-diem.asp. ISLA will grant half of the daily rate.
  • The Institute will also pay participant’s registration fee up to $250.
  • Total expenses (that is, travel plus other expenses) cannot exceed $2,500.00.
  • Apply anytime (except June 1 to July 31)

    Guidelines for Receiving Reimbursement:

    • The Institute requires a copy of travel itinerary showing destinations and travel dates along with evidence of payment as soon as flight arrangements have been completed. 
    • In order to transfer your award funds successfully, the Institute will need your discretionary account number.
    • The Institute requires a copy of your completed TravelND expense report (send copy to Pat Base, pbase@nd.edu,  or a copy may be dropped off at ISLA's office, 101 O'Shaughnessy Hall.)
    • A one-page summary of your activities should be submitted to ISLA's Director, Tom Merluzzi (please send reports to Pat Base - base.1@nd.edu)

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