We are very fortunate to be able to offer a grant competition for the faculty in the Arts.

The upper limit on the 2015-2016 Boehnen grant will be $3000. We will be able to fund about 3 or 4 proposals, depending on the budgets of those that are funded.  You have the option of combining the Boehnen and the Small Research and Creative Works Grant (upper limit $2500) into one application.  If you choose to do that, however, then the upper limit on the Boehnen funds will be $2000 with a total maximum award of $4500.  Whatever the amount of the combined grant, we will fund the Small Grant fully first.  Thus if your budget is $3500, this would be tantamount to a $2500 Small Grant and $1000 from the Boehnen Fund.  This approach will allow us to optimize the use of the Boehnen Funds.

Like all competitive ISLA grants, the proposals will be reviewed by members of the College of Arts and Letters Research Committee.

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