Ends on June 30, 2017

The program is designed to bring distinguished women visitors to campus to interact with faculty, students and administrators. It is expected that distinguished visitors will be present in a department for a period of four to six days, either in one visit or a series of visits. Consideration will be given to applications that involve the visitors in conferences, as keynote speakers. Departments are expected to devise a variety of events for their guest that would emphasize her status as a role model.

To apply, please submit a letter from the department chair or the center/institute director describing the intellectual merit of the visit; the impact on the department, college, or university; how the visit is integrated with appropriate centers and institutes; and any cost-sharing opportunities that are available. In addition, please provide a copy of the curriculum vitae for the invitee(s) and a budget. In addition to the support you are requesting from ISLA, please list all other sources, the amount you are requesting from those sources, and contact information for those sources (name, email address, phone number).

Maximum amount is $7,000.00.  (May apply at any time except June 1st - July 31st)

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