This website is designed to streamline the submission of grant proposals to ISLA.  Only requests submitted through this website will be considered for funding.

For more information, call Pat Base at 574-631-5730 or stop by the Institute office located in 249 O'Shaughnessy Hall. 


When a reputable academic press initiates a request, the Institute may make a subvention to support the publication of manuscripts, if funds are available. Similarly, the Institute will consider a subvention to support a scholarly or artistic sound or video recording upon request by the producer. Please contact the Institute office (Pat Base at 631-5730 or for guidelines and information when a publisher or producer requests a subvention. You must have a contract from the publisher before ISLA will negotiate with them.  Maximum award for a subvention is $5,000.00.

Indexing and Copyediting Support

ISLA will provide up to $1,200 to cover indexing or copyediting costs for faculty book projects.

 These funds must be used to hire a professional editor/indexer.

  • Please supply information about the indexing or editing services you are using in your proposal.
  • Limit: one indexing and/or copyediting grant per book and academic year.
  • Recipients of publication support must acknowledge ISLA in the final product.

No publication grant applications are accepted between June 1 and July 31.

This initiative is intended to promote seminars of integrative scholarship in areas of common interest to faculty from different disciplines, for example, ancient philosophy, multi-cultural diversity, religion and science, family issues, or ethics and science.

Seminars require five or more faculty (or possibly students) from at least three departments or academic units who are committed to exploring a topic of significant importance in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.

You may apply at any time (except between June 1 and July 31).

Maximum amount is $5,000.00 may apply up to three years.

  • Continued funding is subsequent years is conditional on the accomplishment of milestones set forth in the initial proposal and justification of new avenues to pursue. (report must be submitted and reviewed.)

For many faculty in the College of Arts and Letters, being able to speak and write in another language may be critical for advancing knowledge in their field. This fund is designed for those who are already somewhat proficient in a language and want to enhance skills based on goals related to research, scholarship, or creative works. In order to qualify, the applicant must be able to demonstrate current writing proficiency based on the following ACTLF Language Testing International Scale (cf.

European Languages: Novice (High)

Less frequently taught languages: Novice (Middle)

If there are questions concerning current proficiency, ISLA can arrange for faculty in the language to assess the applicant’s current level of proficiency. Also, language programs proposed by the applicant should be reputable for the purpose of enhancing language skills for scholarship and artistic or creative works. Applicants are encouraged to contact Brian O'Conchubhair, Director of the Center for Study of Languages and Cultures, for a list of approved language schools. Most of these schools have 6-8 week intensive summer courses.

ISLA will fund only 1 or 2 applications per year from regular faculty and the upper limit on funding per application is $5500. The deadline for this fund is the first Monday in February.

Grants of up to $1,000 are awarded to assist adjunct faculty with one-time miscellaneous expenses. This grant can be used to cover the travel cost to professional meetings, purchase of photographs, microfilms, rare books or manuscripts, software, permissions to publish materials, databases, maps, tables, or other expenses. 

To be eligible for the Adjunct Professional Development Grant, the applicant must have taught (or be teaching) two courses at the University of Notre Dame within the two most recent semesters.

You may apply at any time except between June 1 and July 31.

Small Grants (up to $2,500) available to all Arts and Letters regular faculty

Awards are given on a competitive basis for research travel, summer student research assistance, research materials, artistic creation, and other costs of carrying out research and creative work. Both individual and collaborative projects are eligible. Whereas the Small Research and Creative Works grant cannot be used for domestic travel for conferences, it can be used for research-related domestic and international travel. International travel for presenting at conferences is covered under the ISLA International Conference Travel Grant.

    Small Grants for Research and Creative Works cannot be used to cover:

  • Funds to upgrade Campus Workstation Program (CWP) equipment; (the Office of Research has a yearly competition for equipment purchase and replacement:;
  • Equipment (cameras, recorders, laptops/computers);
  • Travel to domestic conferences.
  • Grants do not cover salary for course buyout or summer salary for project director.
  • No graduate student support is allowed as an expense.


  • Apply at any time (except June 1 to July 31);
  • Limited to one small grant each fiscal year (July 1  - June 30) per faculty member.

ISLA can provide partial support (up to $5,000) for academic conferences held on Notre Dame sites. Preference is given to projects that have matching funds from other sources (e.g., foundations, departments or institutes). In addition to the support you are requesting from ISLA, please list all other sources, the amount you are requesting from those sources, and contact information for those sources (name, email address, phone number). Faculty are limited to one Small Henkels or Mini-conference award per academic year. Please note the Henkels funds are for events that have broad impact; therefore, it is important to present a plan to involve faculty, students, and potentially, the broader community.

Applications are accepted at any time for a Mini-conference award up to $5,000.00 (except between June 1 and July 31)

  • Partial support is available to faculty members who present a paper or poster at a professionally organized conference. The conference must be a society conference or a conference sponsored by a professional organization. Typically these organizations have an annual meeting, in addition there is membership, regisration fees, call for papers, peer review of submissions, and so forth. This award does not cover invited lectures, working groups, at hoc conferences, time-limited organizations, or informal gatherings of scholars. For those events, faculty members are encouraged to use their discretionary funds. No post awards will be given.

  • A website for the meeting and evidence of the acceptance of a presentation must be included for the proposal to be considered for funding.

  • Please note that all documents must be presented in English.  If the communication is in any other language, please include the original communication and the translated version. 

  • Please present a detailed budget (e.g., quotes for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, registration)

  • The Institute will cover 100% of the round-trip international airfare up to $750, plus 50% of the remainder (cap at $1,250).
  • The Institute will grant a maximum of $1,000 to cover other expenses (lodging, ground transportation, meals).
  •  For hotel as well as meals and incidentals, please use 50% of the State Department rates - ISLA will grant half of the daily rate.
  • The Institute will also pay participant’s registration fee up to $250.
  • Total expenses (that is, travel plus other expenses) cannot exceed $2,500.00.
  • Apply anytime (except June 1 to July 31)

    Guidelines for Receiving Reimbursement:

    • The Institute requires a copy of travel itinerary showing destinations and travel dates along with evidence of payment as soon as flight arrangements have been completed. 
    • In order to transfer your award funds successfully, the Institute will need your discretionary account number.
    • The Institute requires a copy of your completed TravelND expense report (send copy to Pat Base,,  or a copy may be dropped off at ISLA's office, 101 O'Shaughnessy Hall.)
    • A one-page summary of your activities should be submitted to ISLA's Director, Tom Merluzzi (please send reports to Pat Base -